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Vintage Glory Diwan-E-Khaas_1987

₹2,437 ₹3,749 -35%

Overall presence and impact of the diwan bedsheet on online shopping portal of Swayam. Their engaging combination of patterns, colors and style evoke creation of eternal aura to the room interiors. The rose pattern spread in all corners in even and uniform flow ensures a harmonized look to the linens.

Triple Shade Zinnia Diwan Set- 1964

₹2,112 ₹3,249 -35%

Adding Dynamic Look to Sitting Setup

Give the sitting arrangement a lively and attractive look by investing in gorgeous diwan bed sheets on online store of Swayam. The linens help to present a stylish look to the living room interiors.

Classy Contrast Diwan-e-khaas_1954

₹2,437 ₹3,749 -35%

Opposite attracts is common phrase that is used a number of time when people, entity, and design carry contrasting nature. The contrast is a theme that is modern and presents a unique look to the setup of the interiors.

Angelic Vectors Diwan-e-Khaas - 1956

₹2,437 ₹3,749 -35%

Engaging serene ambiance

When the word ‘modern’ rushes in our mind, the look what we best resemble with this word is classy and being elegant. The overall appearance that is visualized is sophistication and serenity.

We bring you something special every time to help you enjoy a modern and royal lifestyle. Sometimes even a small change can uplift the ambiance of your home appreciably. You just need to pick the right decorative piece that pulls off a perfect look. Our innovative collection of Zinnia Diwan Set does much more beyond enhancing the home’s charm. Zinnia Diwan bed sheets have the potential to make you feel more inviting and relaxed in the room.

However, you need to make the right choice considering your personal style and taste. We have come up with printed zinnia Diwan set online to give you the taste of modern interiors at reasonable prices. The interesting thing about this range is it has the goodness of pure natural fabric. Yes, you heard it right; the material infused in the manufacturing of these Diwan sets lends the luxurious feel and helps you have a sound sleep. You would be able to set an astounding ambiance with amazing designs and color contrasts we have used throughout these 100% pure cotton Diwan sets.

Buy zinnia collection Diwan covers from swayamindia.com to fill your bedroom with royal majesty and comfort. You would notice patterns and styles followed here are exclusive and interesting to see. For your casual, sophisticated, elegant, and urbane interiors, these bed sheets can play the perfect role. Some have subtle charm, some are loaded with vivid hues while cotton bed sheets are radiating with contemporary motifs to best suit every need. With Diwan set covers online shopping you can explore the creativity in you.