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Vibrant Paisley Yoga Mats- 2601

₹1,539 ₹2,199 -30%

Spread A Layer of Artistic Colors

We introduce a vibrant yoga mat to create excitement in your yoga session. We have used vibrant colors to cheer up the workout. Apart from colors, these are comprised of various features to create overall ease in the yoga session. Get this yoga mat online within pocket-friendly budget and enjoy super saving along with your yoga poses.

Rose Reign Yoga Mat- 3008

₹1,539 ₹2,199 -30%

Let The Rose Rule with Its Beauty and Aroma

Dive into an ocean of rose and enjoy its aroma every morning while doing workout. We have designed this yoga mat with lovely colors and artistic design. Boost up yoga session with such lovely fragrance and precede its poses effortlessly being magnetized in its ambiance. You may avail this yoga mat online even within minimal price.

Refreshing Ornaments Yoga Mats- 1405

₹1,539 ₹2,199 -30%
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Spread a layer of refreshing ornaments to rejuvenate yoga session

We are here to boost up your yoga session with yoga buddy which is none of other than printed yoga mats. The charm of ornaments and comfort of pure cotton are blended together to serve users with phenomenon creation.

Magical Cyan Yoga Mats- 1423

₹1,539 ₹2,199 -30%

Say Good Morning in Magical Ambiance

Start your day with magical ambiance coming out through cyan yoga mats and enhance your Asanas. Color cyan is used to soothe eyes in the morning and design is used to add a flavor into your yoga session. These printed yoga mats are colorfast in character and assure not to be dull even after continuous use and many wash.

Energizing Paisley Yoga Mats- 2456

₹1,539 ₹2,199 -30%

Ignite The Chilling Vibes of Refreshing Artwork

We have designed one of the refreshing themes to boost up yoga session with soothing color and mesmerizing print. Keeping the ambiance of work out on the priority, swayam has chosen its color with soft paisley design. You may shop these yoga mats online in most reasonable price since these mats are wealthy of numerous useful attributes.

Damask Motifs Yoga Mats- 3202

₹1,539 ₹2,199 -30%

Start Perfect Day with The Allure of Artwork

Have a wonderful day starting with yoga session which is enhanced by quality printed yoga mat. The mat designed with motifs patterns and colored in black and white is a perfect piece of value for money since it includes abundant features which would boost up entire yoga session. 

Cyanic Motifs Yoga Mats- 2008

₹1,539 ₹2,199 -30%

A blend of engaging rich artwork and soothing cyan

The creation produced from the blend of rich art work and soothing color is more than a yoga mat. We have designed unique mats for best yoga session for every one of you. Printed yoga mats are more than its price yet these are available at reasonable price. You may get these designer yoga mats online from swayam only.

Chintz Motifs Yoga Mats- 2444

₹1,539 ₹2,199 -30%

Adorn Yoga Space with Artistic Blooms

Spread the aroma and charm of artistic blooms and transform yoga session energetic. Bring home yoga mats which are not ordinary but available on most reasonable price. Get chintz motifs yoga mat online from SwayamIndia and get assured to shop quality product with value for money.

Black & White Beauty Yoga Mat- 2302

₹1,539 ₹2,199 -30%

Spread A Comfy Layer of Dotted Beauty

Make your yoga session best using quality yoga mats which are wealthy of many useful attributes. Get ready with proper yoga set with only one yoga mat that is ultra-soft in touch and fluffy in feel. Let your shocks get absorbed with this comforting mat and precede your yoga poses consistently. Get these yoga mats online from swayam on most reasonable price.

Exclusive Yoga Mats for Complementing Yoga Session

Swayam introduces a supreme collection of premium yoga mats which are enriched with various useful attributes to make your yoga session more relaxing and comforting. Our aim is to turn your morning healthy and rejuvenated with pure cotton used into its construction. The usage of pure cotton fabrics also creates ease while posing numerous yoga’s Asanas. The joints of the body would get proper support throughout the entire yoga session. Therefore, cotton yoga mat inspires you to go for yoga to relax in its embrace.

Own Value for Money

Additionally, the touch of these yoga mats would always assure you to feel like the natural surface that boosts up every morning. You may buy this yoga mat online from Swayam on most reasonable price and get ensured to use it for the long run. These designer yoga mats justify your investment and promise you to own value for money.

Design Your Yoga Session with Printed Mats

A variety of mesmerizing prints renders stylish touch to the modern living through these yoga mats. You may choose best of your choice whether it is about motifs, paisley, blocks, ornaments, and natural. These yoga mats are colorfast in nature and would never fade your yoga session.

Reversible Yoga Mats: Highly Enriched of Attributes

Users may double the profit of their investment since these are reversible yoga mats and may be used for the long run in comparison to ordinary yoga mats. As far as the matter concern of convenience, these mats are rolled up with string closure and easy to carry to take it at your best place. These mats require easy maintenance with mild machine wash.