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Turquoise Printed Rectangular Table Linen-2711

₹3,059 ₹3,599 -15%
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Soft and majestic in enchanting print of turquoise roses, set the irresistible table setting for a divine dining. Bringing to you a full set of designer table linen in fine cotton casement, our products are easy to care and absolutely long lasting. In variant sizes, we have 4 seating, 6 seating, 8 seating and 12 seating table linen with charming solid turquoise border.

TABLE LINEN (Bon Appetite- enhancing the dining experience)

Make your dining classier and dinner talks interesting and long lasting with this elegant and adorable Table linen by Swayam. The impression that lasts forever and expression that bedazzles beholders. The dining table has one mission-‘Bring people together’. This bringing together is a happy moment and these moments should be cherished & enjoyed. Swayam offers affordable rectangular table linen in vibrant colors which includes table cloths, napkins and placemats. We do all research possible to create designs and products of table linen in all shapes and sizes for almost every interior designed for comfortable living. Shop for these printed Table Linen online on Swayam India. With this sweet collection of round table linen from Swayam, experiences are all the way yours to be felt & preserved. Get colorful yet subtle; variant yet monochromatic platter for your wonderful dining experience from Swayam’s Table Linen Online Shopping.