Smooth Drive

Smooth Drive

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MANUFACTURED BY: SWAYAM,142, Mohiyal Colony, Near Sector 40, Gurgaon 122003 India

Country of Origin: India

Introducing a set of car cushions, Swayam brings an ease into your driving experience and enables you to drive smoothly. So, always be ready to explore more on your comforting long drive. These cushions also give correct posture in office chair.


Ultra soft Multi use in office chair
Washable Anti dust
Quilted and padded Compact packing
Micro fibre filling

Filled Back Cushion 30 cm x 30 cm (12 Inches x 12 Inches)
Filled Head Rest Cushion 30 cm x 30 cm (9 Inches x 6 Inches)
Seat Belt Cover 30 cm x 30 cm (15 Inches x 3 Inches)
Reference : GNM - 05
In stock : 500 Items
Condition : New

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