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Cute Love Canvas Graffiti Bag- Friendship Bag – 653

₹254 ₹299 -15%

People nowadays are more into creative things and designs therefore many accessories like bags are also designed in the same concept. These bags are mainly designed for teenagers and youngsters as they are printed in cartoon designs. Not only teenagers but every woman will adore this bag as it has the looks to make your feel young again.

Pure Love Jute Shopping Bag- JSB01- 607

₹382 ₹449 -15%

Get a grip of the new style of shopping bags that help you shop as well as enhance your look altogether. Spread the love and enjoy your time shopping with these beautiful shopping bags. These are printed with words of love and kisses that meet the trend.

Pink Jute Shopping Bag- JSB01- 608

₹382 ₹449 -15%

Make shopping fun and enjoyable with good-looking bags. Whether it’s shopping for groceries or carrying your personal items, these bags offer the best in terms of fashion and convenience.

Black Pink Jute Shopping Bags- 609

₹382 ₹449 -15%

Have a wonderful time shopping with your friends and family members carrying these amazing jute bags. The beautiful shades of pink and black are dyed over a finely woven fabric which looks fabulous altogether.

Red Blue Jute Shopping Bags- 610

₹382 ₹449 -15%
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Carrying stuff has always been a problem, whether it’s carrying your lunch or shopping items or any other utility product. Now you can easily eliminate this problem and bring home these beautiful shopping bags to help you in your daily life. They are very convenient to carry around as they are light weighted and capable of bearing huge load.

Orange Love Zora Jute Shopping Bag- 601

₹382 ₹449 -15%

Bring a revolution as you carry these smart jute shopping bags along with you everywhere you go. Not just showcase your bohemia style, but also create an awareness of going free. These bags assure super fine finish along with long lasting features. They have a high thread count which makes them score high on quality.

Blue Doodle Zora Jute Shopping Bag- 602

₹382 ₹449 -15%

Send out a message to the world which simultaneously reflecting your jovial personality. You can carry these bags everywhere; they are acceptable to casual as well formal occasion. These are spacious enough to carry anything easily. Swing style by your side as you hold these highly stylized jute shopping bags around.

Roseate Zora Jute Shopping Bag- 603

₹382 ₹449 -15%

Save trees, save life. Yes, get our new Jute bags that are biodegradable and absolutely sturdy. With a strong handle that is shoulder length, you can be sure that all your groceries will be in proper place without it spilling all over. You can also check out the rest of our collections that are diverse in colors as well as patterns. 

Jade Zora Jute Shopping Bag- 604

₹382 ₹449 -15%

Let’s go environmental friendly and save a tree by getting rid of our plastic bags and replacing it with our jute bags. In colorful yellow with a cute smiley that says I love you, jute bags need no longer be boring. With contemporary waterproof laminated jute, you can now shop for your groceries even on rainy days!

Carmine Zora Jute Shopping Bag- 605

₹382 ₹449 -15%

Now you can stuff in all your groceries without any fear of your bag ripping open in the middle of the shopping mall. It is has a sturdy handle. Make your trips down to the grocery store more convenient as you ditch your boring shopping bag for our vibrant and quality-packed bag. Blazing red color which is long lasting as it is 100% color fast.


Shopping, as soon as this word comes into our minds, a sensory motion runs into our nerves and fills us with positive vibes. It’s a pleasure, it’s a stress buster, and it’s an exercise as well. When we shop, we exercise our freedom. We become liberal, we get a satisfaction. We browse through a no. of options & give ourselves the pleasure of being choosy and mighty.

To make this heavenly experience more delightful and enchanting, Swayam has introduced a beautiful assortment of Shopping bags in mix and match combinations. These bags are made up of premium casement cotton with high thread counts. The printed patterns are very interesting and make these cotton shopping bags an eye catching object and can be bought home through Swayam’s online portal.

The bags have been designed in a manner to make shopping more convenient and hassle free. You can buy these shopping bags 24*7 at Swayam India’s online portal. Some of the highlighting features of these online shopping bags are:

• Machine washable
• Made up of pure cotton
• Strong handles for easy lifting of heavy material
• 100% buy back