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Creative Images IPad Satchel – IPD0
Creative Images IPad Satchel – IPD0
Creative Images IPad Satchel – IPD0
Creative Images IPad Satchel – IPD0

Creative Images IPad Satchel – IPD0

MRP: ₹599
Special Price: ₹449 25%

Digital Satchel Mini- KSD02-1019


MANUFACTURED BY: SWAYAM,142, Mohiyal Colony, Near Sector 40, Gurgaon 122003 India

Country of Origin: India


30 Days Replacement


Pay on Delivery


Brand Promise


Faster Delivery


Digitally printed
Adjustable sling
Quilted & Extra Packet
Machine Wash, Don’t Soak, Cold Wash, Dry in Shade
DESCRIPTIONSIZEMRP(inclusive of all taxes)
IPad Satchel 1U (Total Item: 1U) 22 cm x 30 cm x 5 cm / 0.22 m x 0.30 m x 0.05 m / 9 X 12 x 2 ₹ 599/-

Digitally Printed
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