Personal Protection Equipment Kit in Waterproof Taffeta

Personal Protection Equipment Kit in Waterproof Taffeta

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MANUFACTURED BY: SWAYAM,142, Mohiyal Colony, Near Sector 40, Gurgaon 122003 India

Country of Origin: India

Personal Protection Equipment Kit in Waterproof Taffeta

We present PPE kit online that have been designed to ensure the safety of frontline workers working in healthcare sector and professionals engaged in different industries. The PPE kit in taffeta fabric is 100% waterproof and doesn’t let enter even a tiny droplet inside. This personal protection equipment kit is available in white color with breathable ergonomic design. The suit includes gloves, face mask and eye for overall protection.

Product Features of Personal Protection Equipment Kit in Waterproof Taffeta:

  • Breathable Ergonomic Design
  • Soft elastic and Non-woven Material
  • Scratch Proof Surface
  • Fog Free Clear Visibility
  • Free Size Fit


The disposable PPE kit is so reliable that it ensures the safety right from head to toe. This kit comes with long front zipper closure which makes it easy to wear and take off any time. The personal protection equipment kit keeps providing comfort when in use, thanks to its soft elastic and non-woven material. Owing to its flexible nature, the protection suit lets the user move easily without any nuisance.

Key Features for Personal Protection Equipment Kit in taffeta fabric is 100% waterproof:


  • Breathable Ergonomic Design
  • Splash Resistant, soft elastic and non-woven material
  • The cover all provides Comfort fit in design based on extensive wearer input to provide our most comfortable garments designed to ensure a greater range of movement while stretching and bending.
  • Long front zipper closure for easy wearing and take off.
  • All five openings with elasticated finish for free size fit – Arms, legs and face.
  • Standard size medium to large – free size. Total product weight upto 330 GMS
  • 100% waterproof Taffeta fabric bounded, poly propylene material not less than 95 GSM with filterable efficiency of 99% for particle of 3 microns size-fabric standard ISO 13485-2016 / NS-EN


  • Bacteria Resistant
  • Offer Great Breathability
  • Splash Resistance
  • Size 175 mm x 95 mm
  • S I T R A Approved Certified products
  • Sanitized product packed & bacteria free


  • Eye protection with Velcro closure
  • Free size and adjustable
  • Fog free clear visibility full face flexi Sheet
  • Scratch proof surface
  • Soft and face contor friendly

[4] Hand Gloves

  • Natural rubber latex product
  • Medium 6.5 size gloves
  • One pair disposable, sterile EC
  • Micro rough surface at palm for better grip
  • Powdered using FDA approved dusting power
  • 100% inspected Gloves Meeting AQL 1.5 Levels
  • Sterile until package is opened or damaged
  • Gloves manufactured in accordance with EN455 /ASTMD3575 standards


  • Ploybag for final disposal
  • Remove and put in Bag
  • Tie Knot and dispose off
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