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Verve Mattress Protector-Quilted and Water Resistant

₹2,071 ₹2,799 -26%
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Are you the one who likes to sleep on a bed of flowers, likes to feel the feather light comfort? If yes then why not make an effort to protect the one thing which not only gives shapes to your bed sheet but also provides you the ultimate sleeping experience. Pledge to guard these comforting friends of yours, accompanying you in times when you want rest, isolate or even sulk.

Weezer Mattress Protector- Fitted and Waterproof

₹2,182 ₹2,949 -26%
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Enjoy the bouncy, fluffy bed after a long day at work, caress your senses and get happy seeing your children getting jumpy over the bed. Well ever wondered what makes your bed dearer and adorable, is it the bed sheet? Or the bed itself. Imagine what a bed could be without a mattress, yes the heart of your bed ever thought of protecting it, enhancing its life.

Viva Mattress Protector

₹2,478 ₹3,349 -26%
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Humidity in summer changes our body to release sweat every day; the only place it gets stuck is none other than the mattress. Therefore, the mattress protector restricts the entry of moisture and liquid to the mattress. Bed mattress protector does not only extend the life of the mattress but also protects it from bug, insects, and stains.

Provide the best level of protection to your mattresses to the space which renders utmost comfort and repose. Give your sleep zone a safe and hygienic surface which is not only dust repellant but also mite resistant, keeping you off any allergens. Buy mattress protector online and drift away in a land of dreams without worrying much about any cranky feeling. Any ignored spill or stain can be unfavorable to your health, just to eliminate such possibilities brings its range of mattress protector giving you world class sanitation. Our range includes two distinct type of protectors made available to suit different needs and zones, which are as follows:

- Verve

The mattress protector is quilted type and lies flat over your mattress, elasticized on all four sides to provide a good grip over it. They are quilted with double fabric layer and polyfill. They are water resistant and can absorb up to 100ml of water spill easily, giving you a dry surface to sleep on. Since the queen mattress protector is made from cotton fabric they are cool and comfortable to sleep on.

- Weezer

The cotton mattress protector has elasticized walls giving better protection while they fit like a fitted bed sheet. The single fabric layer has air pores which help drive moisture away from your body, giving a cool surface. They are waterproof and highlight functionality along with a great aesthetic appeal, giving your beds a crisp clean look. Buy mattress protector online at nominal price. They are machine washable and don’t require much of maintenance.

Get a healthier sleep and wake up fresh every morning as you buy mattress protector online and encase your mattress with layer elegance. Fall for the sumptuous cottony soft white layer of the protector which gives a divine, heavenly look to your bed. They are available in single and double size to go well with your requirement.