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Pink Fairy Cot Bumper- 116
Pink Fairy Cot Bumper- 116
Pink Fairy Cot Bumper- 116
Pink Fairy Cot Bumper- 116
Pink Fairy Cot Bumper- 116

Pink Fairy Cot Bumper- 116

MRP: ₹3,999
Special Price: ₹2,399 40%

Babies need a lot of care especially when they are going to sleep. There is a risk of injury to your child even inside their cot due to the sturdy railings but you can reduce the risk of injury by using cot bumpers. These bumpers will protect your child from all kind of hazard. In addition, they are designed according to the likes of children.


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Country of Origin: India


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These beautiful bumpers are printed in bright colors which your kids love. A fresh and lively ambienceis created where your kids will find comfort and relaxation. Your kids will instantly go to sleep when they are surrounded by the bumpers. Buy pink fairy cot bumper online from our shopping portal swayamindia.com and keep your kids happy.

This special baby crib bedding set is designed for a girl child as it can be seen in the designs. They are designed in pink with cute fairies which your child will find adorable. They will love to stay inside their cot in their fantasy world. Your kids will look adorable inside their cot when they are surrounded by pink. They are digitally printed which can be seen in their clear and vibrant designs. You will see your kids happy all the time they are inside their cot. They are perfectly designed to keep your kids calm and comfortable all day and night.

Your children will not trouble you when they are sleeping comfortably. They bumpers have a smooth texture as they are made using the finest quality cotton. These bumpers are even suitable for children with sensitive skin. They will never suffer from rashes or skin irritation as thesebaby crib bedding sets are skin friendly and allergen free. Your kids will enjoy being inside their cot feeling the mushy sensation of the bumper. They are filled with 300gsm of polyfill which makes them soft. These bumpers will protect your babies from hard impact against the hard railings.

These excellent baby bumpers are perfect for your child. They are colorfast and firmly stitched therefore can be washed. Browse through our website for more information on wash care instructions. 14 tie-ups are stitched in this bumper using which you can tie it to the cot railing. Buy pink fairy cot bumper online from our shopping portal swayamindia.com and make a special place for your kid to rest. You can place your order and make payments according to your convenience. If you receive defective products, we will offer you full buy back. You can avail baby cots online at a reasonable price.


Baby Safe
300gsm polyfil inside
Lined with non permanent health layer
No oozing out of fiber
14 Tie up Points for better fit
Continuous length to cover all 4 sides of cot
Pure Cotton
240 TC
Colour Fast
Machine wash, Don’t Soak, Cold Wash, Dry in Shade
Printed(All Over Print)
DESCRIPTIONSIZEMRP(inclusive of all taxes)
Baby cot bumper that cover all 4 sides (Total Item: 1U)(Total Item: 1U) 25 cm x 160 cm / 0.25 m x 1.6 m /10 X 160 ₹ 3,999/-

100% Cotton, Digitally Printed
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