Gracious Sigma Curtains -1987M

Gracious Sigma Curtains -1987M

  • ₹1,549.00
  • ₹1,084.30

  • (Inclusive of all Taxes)

Place Best of Gracious Drapery in Living Space

  • Durable: Premium Polyester
  • Shrinkage proof: Stops annoying sun rays
  • Color fast: Quality dyes, deep & dense infusion
  • Convenient & stylish: Easy Slide, Modern Look

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MANUFACTURED BY: SWAYAM,142, Mohiyal Colony, Near Sector 40, Gurgaon 122003 India

Country of Origin: India

Now, you may easily decorate your home with exclusiveness. Sober colors are chosen to soothe mind, body when you wake up. The tiny square designs are imprinted over the premium polyester fabric to give ultimate home fashion combination. The fabric is almost blackout in nature for keeping you comfortable while having rest or enjoying sound sleep. The pattern is a bit different from other designs since it is graced with a simplicity that beautifies a new way. You may enjoy not only saving but also decoration if you buy gracious sigma curtains.

These modern printed curtains are colorfast in nature that would double your profit too. We choose premium polyester fabric in order to provide you with durable curtains that would run for longer. Besides, it is complemented by quality colors that keep the curtain glowing for a longer run. We assure you would not be annoyed in the morning due to harsh sun rays since it stops those annoying rays and allows only required ones. We assure you to own affordable yet quality polyester curtains online from Swayam store.


  •          Shrinkage Proof
  •          Colorfast
  •          Fade Proof
  •          100% Polyester
  •          Eyelets
DESCRIPTIONSIZEMRP(inclusive of all taxes)
Sigma Window Curtain 1U (ITEM CODE: SIG01) Total Item: 1U 137 cm x 150 cm / 1.37 m x 1.50 m / 54 x 60 ₹ 1,549/-
Sigma Door Curtain 1U (ITEM CODE: SIG02) Total Item: 1U 137 cm x 225 cm / 1.37 m x 2.25 m / 54 x 90 ₹ 1,999/-
Sigma Long Door Curtain 1U (ITEM CODE: SIG03) Total Item: 1U 137 cm x 270 cm / 1.37 m x 2.70 m / 54 x 108 ₹ 2,299/-
Combo Sigma Window Curtain 2U (ITEM CODE: SIG01-2) Total Item: 2U 137 cm x 150 cm / 1.37 m x 1.50 m / 54 x 60 ₹ 3,099/-
Combo Sigma Door Curtain 2U (ITEM CODE: SIG02-2) Total Item: 2U 137 cm x 225 cm / 1.37 m x 2.25 m / 54 x 90 ₹ 3,949/-
Combo Sigma Long Door Curtain 2U ITEM SIG03-2) Total Item 2U 137 cm x 270 cm / 1.37 m x 2.70 m / 54 x 108 ₹ 4,599/-
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