Frequently asked questions by customer :

  1. Tell me more about products that Swayam manufactures!

Swayam manufactures Pure Cotton Home Linen Items with 100% quality assurance. In terms of product Swayam offers Bedsheets, Comforters, Duvet Covers, Curtains, Pillow and Cushion Covers for your Bedroom, Table cloth, Mats, Napkins, Roti Baskets etc for your Dining room, Aprons, Oven Gloves, Wash Napkins for your Kitchens and Laundry Baskets for Bathrooms. 

  1. How are Swayam products different from others?

Swayam items are mix-n-match styles, with innovation & variation in colours and design ideas par excellence.

  1. Does Swayam manufacture products in house?

Yes, Swayam designs and manufactures all the products that it sells under its brand. Swayam is a leading home furnishing brand of India. It not only has a strong domestic presence in over 400+ stores, it also exports to many countries.

  1. What is the range – do you have a economy / lower range or you manufacture only premium / higher range.

We provide our customers more value for money as compared to anyone else. Price of a premium cotton double bed sheet may vary from Rs.995/- to Rs.2995/- All our products are very competitively priced. Most of our prints are reactive – ensuring that product looks new for a longer period of time.

  1. What material do you use?

We use 100% combed cotton fabric (from 200TC to 600 TC), pre-tested for color fastness with maximum 3% shrinkage cover.

  1. What is the size of your double bed sheet?

Our double bedsheets are of 90”x108” size. (225cms x275cms / 9’x7.5’) and not 90”x100”

  1. Do you have bigger size bedsheets also?

Yes we do have XL size bedsheet - 108”x108” (275cmsx275cms) and super XL bedsheets – 108”x120” (275cm x 300cm) for customers having large mattresses / Spring Mattresses.

  1. If I need more pillow covers with my bedsheet – how do I go about?

We have Victoria collection with 4 pillow covers. Pillow covers are also available separately with all the designs.

  1. What is fitted bedsheet ?

Fitted bedsheets have elastic along its side. It fits smartly on mattress. Swayam manufactures fitted sheet in all its design for standard mattress size 180cmx188cm (+ 15cm)

  1. What about colour bleeding

We use premium cotton and test all fabrics for colour fastness. However in the first wash in bright colour designs minor colour topping may go. We recommend all cottons to be washed alone for the first wash.

  1. What about shrinkage?

Cotton shrinks for sure. However shrinkage in our cotton is minimal (3% max).

  1. Is ironing necessary

For Crisp and fresh look we recommend all cottons to be ironed.

  1. Do you have matching comforters / duvet covers?

Yes matching Duvet Covers and Comforters are available in all designs.

  1. Do you have matching curtains?

Yes matching curtains are available in most of the designs. Our Curtains are of wide width – 60”

  1. Will you cater to my individual requirement? How about custom made sizes?

You are very precious to us. We will make all efforts in catering to your requirements even if they are custom made sizes. Please send your requirement through mail at - info@swayamlinen.com. 

  1. Your diwan set contains what all?

Diwan set contains one sheet of 60” x 90”, 2 Bolster Covers, and 3 Cushion Covers of 16” x 16”. We do have five cushion cover Diwan sets as well.

  1. Do you have plain bedsheets

We have Plain Bedsheets in satin Damask fabric (300+TC). They are available under our Sonata range. You have a choice of over 12 colours apart from white.  

  1. Do you have bedsheets, which have no joints? Won’t these joint hurt?

We make mix n match style bedsheet and all our printed bedsheets have joint. We do these joints with run and fell seam with no raw edges. The joints are smooth and off course they don’t hurt in any way.

  1. Simple ways to make your room look bigger and brighter?

Hang Your Curtains High in a perfect way! , Use Light-Colored Bedding In Small Bedrooms! Fill Small Space with Sconces , Add Light With Large Mirrors , Attention-Grabbing Lighting