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Graphic Vectors Veda Diwan Set- 1319

₹2,252 ₹2,649 -15%

Add a Fusion Twist to Interiors

Break the boundaries of established setup and create new themes by spending money on designer cotton diwan sets. The patterns and colors help to blend traditional and modern outlook to give interiors a fusion look. The set comprising of matching sheet, cushion and bolster covers complement to present royal furniture a complete and attractive look.

Mint Refreshing Diwan-e-Khaas 1218

₹2,252 ₹2,649 -15%

As waves of ocean reflect calm, peaceful and heavenly feel, similarly the nature thematic diwan bed sheets on online portal ofSwayamwould ensure an eye pleasing and pleasant feel to the linen. Printed in attractive floral vines and fern pattern & colored in moonlight blue and yellow on sea shade backdrop, the linens would draw an instant attention of the visitor with its adorable styling.

Orchid Desire Diwan-e Khas 1314

₹2,252 ₹2,649 -15%

Feel the Fragrance of Blossoming Orchid

The presence of orchid fills the positive vibes in the ambience. The flower is spread so beautifully that it is creating a great welcoming aura. The flowers are blossoming in a lively and natural combination.

Contrasting Creation Caramel Diwan Set - 8111

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The visual of a contrast theme pattern with vibrant colors creates a varied look on the linen from each angle and corner, hence ensuring a striking appearance to the sitting arrangement. The captivating appearance of the designer cotton diwan sets would instantly hold the attention of the visitor with its bloomy design.

Marigold Cream Diwan set: 619

₹3,272 ₹3,849 -15%

The true name for leisure and sensuous satisfaction for everyone who is invited at our house an experience no would ever forget and would thank you from every single bit of their senses, after all you made them feel so special and imperial with Marigold Cream Diwan set’s pleasing comfort. You can buy Marigold Cream Diwan set from our web portal and break the monotony.

Colorful Ethnic Diwan-e-khaas – 1424

₹3,272 ₹3,849 -15%

When it comes to giving a new look to your diwan you always think about the design and quality you should choose. There is not much use of getting a contemporary diwan set as the trend will initially be outdated. The best choice you have is the colorful ethnic diwan-e-khaas which is colorful as well as attractive.

Emerald Green Diwan Set- 1423

₹3,272 ₹3,849 -15%

Bring home the ravishing emerald green diwan set from swayamindia.com and renew and restore the depleted energy in you. Exhibiting the paradise away from the stresses of modern living it restores the sense of well being in us. Rich detailing will mesmerize you and take you away from the hustle bustle of life. Relax on the diwan with this intricately woven designer cotton diwan set.

Blue Roses Diwan Set- 2711

₹3,272 ₹3,849 -15%

The artistic symbol of love and prosperity, an appreciation for enigmatic desires and a creation of truly wonderful & irrepressible imagination is in, to raise new opportunities in your life. Buy Blue Roses Diwan Set, Blue Designer Cotton Diwan from our website swayamindia.com and make the most of the current promotional.

Black Swan Diwan Set-2302

₹3,272 ₹3,849 -15%

Share your experience of optimum eminence with your friends and relatives by inviting them for a cheerful conversation or condolence when they need you, over a cup coffee or icy cool drinks with Black swan diwan set, after all a friend in need is a friend indeed. You can buyBlack swan diwan set as per your liking or need, supporting your home furniture.

Mind alluring, sight confirming, sheerly delightful, one-of-a kind Diwan linen collection by Swayam to decorate your traditional as well as modern settings with a twist. These Diwan sets will surely make your living broad based and enchanting. Buy Diwan Sets or diwan bed sheet sets online at discounted prices only at Swayam. We have created the special diwan sets collection in various combinations that include bolster covers, cushion covers, bed spreads etc. The exotic prints in hundreds of colors and motifs create a huge palette to select from as the decor might vary from ethnically traditional to ultra modern contemporary to uber chic high end luxury. There are a number of surreal designs & patterns awaiting your glimpse. Buy now and envy your peers. You can explore the wide range of diwan sets and grab them through Swayam’s online store at heavy discounts. Swayam products are available at best prices with best quality every time.

Swayam offers different types of diwan sets such as:-

1. Linea Diwan
2. Diwan-e-khaas