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Croc Friends kids cushion covers- KCC- 162
Croc Friends kids cushion covers- KCC- 162
Croc Friends kids cushion covers- KCC- 162
Croc Friends kids cushion covers- KCC- 162

Croc Friends kids cushion covers- KCC- 162

MRP: ₹399
Special Price: ₹299 25%

Stop and stare into the wilderness as you come in close contact with nature and what all it has to offer your child. Let your tiny tot develop a sense of connectivity with the wild side of nature, as he gets introduced to them in an imaginative way.

Kids Cushion Cover

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Country of Origin: India


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Buy croc friends kids cushion covers from our online portal sawayamindia.com and see how your child recognizes all the animals by heart. Watch him as his eyes gleams with fascination to see all animals at one place through these amazing vibrant digitally printed cushion covers.

These cushion cover are provided with a zip to keep your fluffy fillers in place. Buy croc friends kids cushion covers from our online portal Swayamindia.com and bring home a wild safari. The croc friends kid’s cushion covers have a light green backdrop depicting the grassland with small flowers laid all over. Various animals are shown on the cover like elephant, giraffe, lion, monkey, hippopotamus and zebra, while the crocodile grabs the attention of your young one as it is placed in the center. There a huge coconut tree at the side with few coconuts hanging down the tree. Place these in your kid’s room and view how he gets engrossed in the wilderness and understands the deep meaning of friendship bond which he experiences through these animals. Plus these cushion covers also prove to be informative as it makes your child come face to face with different species existent in life from.

These kids’ cushion covers are made of premium pure cotton, giving it a dust repellant surface. It is fade resistant even on several washes keeping their new look intact. Our products are manufactured in Gurgaon and available in 400+ counters in 70+ cities. You can place orders online and make payments either online or cash on delivery. We have secured channels for safe online transaction, keeping you worry free!!!!

Buy croc friends kids cushion covers from our online website Swayamindia.com in two sizes 12” × 12” and 16” × 16” with or without fillers. We provide facilities like free shipping on purchase of Rs 500/- or above anywhere in India. For the maintenance all you need to do is give it a cold wash and drying in shade. There is no risk of shrinkage even after drying. We have a 30 days easy return policy in case the product delivered to you is defaulted or not up to your requirement. Encounter an extravagant online shopping experience through our 24 × 7 operating website, while sitting leisurely at home. We provide you with right packaging to protect your products from any kind of wear and tear.


Digital Print Kids Cushion Cover
Mercerised Pure Cotton
400 TC
100% Colour Fast
Machine wash
DESCRIPTIONSIZEMRP(inclusive of all taxes)
Cushion Cover 1U (Total Item: 1U) 12 X 12 / 0.30 m x 0.30 m / 30 cm x 30 cm ₹ 399/-
Cushion Cover with Filler 1U (Total Item: 1U) 12 X 12/ 0.30 m x 0.30 m / 30 cm x 30 cm ₹ 699/-
Cushion Cover 1U (Total Item: 1U) 16 X 16 / 0.40 m x 0.40 m / 40 cm x 40 cm ₹ 499/-
Cushion Cover with Filler 1U (Total Item: 1U) 16 X 16 / 0.40 m x 0.40 m / 40 cm x 40 cm ₹ 799/-

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