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Duck Shower Curtains- 5607
Duck Shower Curtains- 5607
Duck Shower Curtains- 5607
Duck Shower Curtains- 5607

Duck Shower Curtains- 5607

MRP: ₹2,499
Special Price: ₹1,874 25%

These cute, adorable, pure white ducks are paddling towards the shore. Your eyes might agitate with their brilliant flawless radiance, so be cautious when you decide to concentrate on our white pearly ducklings. Pink blooms, long green stems along with brown pebbles are adding grace to the splendid beauty of our digitally printed curtains.


MANUFACTURED BY: SWAYAM,142, Mohiyal Colony, Near Sector 40, Gurgaon 122003 India

Country of Origin: India


30 Days Replacement


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Ducks have the tinge of orange and black where as nearby water is reflecting various shades of pink and green. Overall scenery arrested on their microfiber fabric is looking really stunning in all aspects. From the visuals clarity to hues contrasts, everything is so clear, impeccable and mind alluring here. Buy duck shower curtains from our online shopping portal swayamindia.com to experience the pleasure of bathing in nature’s arms.

The shiny, smooth, glossy texture they have is resistant to wrinkles. Since, they are meant to adorn your bathrooms, they are waterproof in nature. Without any shrinkage and color bleed problems, these digitally printed curtains are coming to sizzle up your mornings. Now, the quacks of ducks and the scent of flowers will wake your senses every day in the most delightful manner. Eyelet fittings attached with them is making these draperies easy to use.

Their maintenance is fuss free since they are machine washable. You can iron them too at low temperature to get the crisp look. Buy duck shower curtains from our online shopping portal swayamindia.com to caress your senses by the soothing ducks while bathing. Visualize yourself as a duck that enjoys in water all day, always looks calm, composed. After bathing in such a relaxed aura you will come out with a new zeal, positivity and high spirits. Fabric of these drapes is breathable and has high durability.

They are available in one modest size, if you need it can be customized. Tell your special needs through our online tailor man form or a phone call. We offer personalized products to our customers at nominal rates. Buy duck shower curtains from our online shopping portalswayamindia.com and drift away to a serene, heavenly place in the bathroom. When you eyes will go through the pleasing visuals arrested over these drapes, an instant energy will revitalize your senses, leaving you totally lively.  

Duck Shower Curtains (Characterstics):
100% Water Proof Non Porous
Eyelet Style - Water Proof
Premium Micro Fibre Fabric
Colorfast to washing
DESCRIPTIONSIZEMRP(inclusive of all taxes)
Digital Printed Shower Curtain 1U (ITEM CODE: CHW-PRT) Total Item : 1U 180 cm x 200 cm / 1.80 m x 2.00 m / 72 x 80 ₹ 2,499/-
Combo Digital Printed Shower Double Curtains 2U (ITEM CODE: CHW-PRT-2) Total Item: 2U 180 cms x 200 cms / 1.80 m x 2.00 m / 72 x 80 ₹ 4,999/-

100 Items

Data sheet

Bedsheet :(108 x 108) Inches & Pillow Covers : (18 x 28) Inches
200 TC
Product Variation
Extra Large Double Bedsheet
Manufactuer Name
Swayam india

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