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Raw Umber Black Jacquard Blackout Curtains – 2053
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Raw Umber Black Jacquard Blackout Curtains – 2053

₹1,232 ₹1,449 -15%

Inspiration flows in from all quarters and when the muse is in front of the window, then nothing can stop your interiors from looking stunning. The gorgeous curtains for living room in India can give your windows an all new makeover. Buy raw umber black jacquard and blackout curtains from our shopping website and see your home in a new light.

Birds Lounge Curtains-1103

₹1,614 ₹1,899 -15%

Pulled right from the rainbow, birds lounge is the assortment of mesmeric hues of life. This is a vivid invention to bring the liveliness in your over occupied, slow pacing lifestyle. Get inspired from these dazzling colors and bring the tempo in your persona. Various carroty birds are flying freely in the wide open sky, inviting you to unwind all the knots of life to understand its real meaning.

Bond Blue Printed Curtains – 2711
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Bond Blue Solid Curtains – 2711

₹1,954 ₹2,299 -15%

Blue is the color which symbolizes the calm and the creativity and gives a very classic touch to your home space. When you choose this shade the concept of your home décor, you will always feel the pleasant atmosphere in your living room. Such is the magic of these beautiful curtains.

Sunrise Yellow Printed Curtain-3701

₹1,359 ₹1,599 -15%
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Land yourself in a place which welcomes you with sweet brightness, illuminating your room and uplifting your spirit. Surrender yourself in the realms of comfort, peace and life. Buy sunrise yellow printed curtains from our online website and welcome home a high end lifestyle at a genuine price.

Ivory Rose Blackout Curtains – 2022 Printed Ivory

₹1,274 ₹1,499 -15%
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There is every type of people in this world. Some wants to show their style and love to have the vibrant and royal looking accessories and home furnishings. And some are simplicity loving person, they wants something that looks very simple and sober yet classy. They have their own different taste. They prefer products which has a very calm and unique shade. 

Red Galaxy Sigma Curtains - 1940

₹1,274 ₹1,499 -15%

Make your day pleasant with lively and romantic colorful décor.Modern printed curtains are designed through doodle pattern which creates an interesting and artistic aura in the living space. The red color fills positive vibes in the surroundings. The sequence of doodles on vertical and horizontal sides gives an outstanding look. Buy Red galaxy sigma curtains from the online portal of swayam..

Royal Blue Indian Regal Curtain

₹4,887 ₹5,749 -15%

Regal Decor that Brings a Realistic Appearance

  • Durable - Faux Silk Dupion
  • Shrinkage Proof - Stops Annoying Sun Rays
  • Color Fast - Quality Dyes, Deep & Dense Infusion
  • Colorful & Convenient - Modern Look, Easy Slide

Coconut-Tree Lounge Curtains-1104

₹1,614 ₹1,899 -15%

Bring down the temperature of your room with this fresh beach view. The clear blue sky above and sea green water at the bottom will transfer the breezy winds right from the tropic areas in your space. How can we forget here the green palm coconut trees climbing up rhythmically? This drapery is a concoction of cool hues, describing the seashore beauty at its best.

Warm Yellow Solid Curtains – 5904
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Warm Yellow Solid Curtains – 5904

₹1,954 ₹2,299 -15%
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If you are a bibliophile then paint the town with the shade that signifies the acquired knowledge. If you are a book lover then hang these dazzling curtains in your room that illuminates the entire interiors in golden color. The lightest hue of the color palette will surely entice your senses. Buy warm yellow solid curtains from our website and live in style.

Grace your home decor as you introduce elegance and style to your windows and doors with beautiful curtains. Transform your home decor from the obsolete room setting as your adorn your windows and doors with vibrant colors and designs. Enliven your old room setting from monotonous tones to bright color hues and prints.

Swayam offers a range of offbeat design to help you match up the modern day need for a sophisticated abode which reflects your persona. Swayam offers different types of curtains such as:-

1. Printed curtains
2. Blackout curtains
3. Solid curtains
4. Kids curtains
5. Sigma Curtains
6. Shower Curtains
7. Lounge Curtains
8. Jacquard Blackout Curtains
9. Mulberry Curtains

Apart from the functional use like privacy and insulation from sun, these curtains add up to match your style quotient. Grab the attention of the discerning eyes of your guests, as you get applauded for your impeccable taste. These curtains have been specially designed to bring in fresh new perceptive by using exquisite ethnic prints, tribal prints, and Aztec print along with the basic floral print which outlines basic elements of nature. Let these prints come in play and create a jazzed up environment. You can buy curtains from our online portal and avail facility like free shipping on purchase of Rs 500/ or above. These curtains have eyelets which makes it easier for you to install them. They smoothly glide over the rod and can be drawn at one side neatly tied up in matching loop tie ups. They are pretested for color bleeding. These curtains are made up of premium pure cotton; they are fade resistant even on several washes. Solid curtains and blackout curtains come in bright solid colors which give a touch of simplicity blended in luxury. These curtains have 6 inch extra width as compared to the curtains available in market to adjust the varied size of your windows and doors.

The blackout curtains have a unique feature, it is 100% light resistant. It prevents sun rays from sneaking in your personal space and creates an environment of peace and quiet. They also provide mild insulation from noise as well. You can buy curtains online from our portal Swayam and avail 100% buy back policy in case the product is defaulted. Swayam offers a special range of kids curtains, so that your little ones don’t feel left out. These curtains are digitally printed with their favorite animated characters to engross their minds in the world of wonder and amazement. These curtains are bright in color which illuminates the entire room and brings a smile on the face of your little one. They also have few features of blackout curtain like light resistant and noise reduction so that your tiny tot has a sound sleep at any time of the day. Browse through our website and choose from a wide range of colors and design to make your home a magnificent piece of art. Drape your home with these amazing curtains & you can also buy bedsheets online that compliments your style with a touch of sensibility.