Fall Back to The Basics of Solid Color Schemes with Swayam’s Curtains

solid eyelet curtains

Isn’t there something about simple solid colors that just calms one’s mind! No matter how much we may love the glitterati and prints of the season, there are days, when one wants to stay simple. That goes for one’s wardrobe and even one’s house. Many of us may ornate our homes with the most sparkly furnishings during the festive season, but that phase soon ends with falling back to the solid color schemes.

The solid eyelet curtains by Swayam are very elegantly designed and can be paraded in the living rooms, den or the boudoirs as well. The latest collection has come with a twist, and that is, these have a printed border on the top. That means, they still have their essence of being single colored with the fresh take on them. They can be hung for weeks and one won’t get bored seeing them.

These come with many innate features in making them a quality product:

  • These are made in 100% cotton.
  • No extra need for any hooks or rings will arise as they have readymade steel eyelets.
  • They can be machine washed.
  • Available for doors, windows and also XL sizes.
  • Matching tie-ups come as gift.
  • Extra folds are given for adjusting accordingly.
  • A 6” is provided which isn’t given by any other brand.
  • A 210 thread count ensures the durability.

These intricately designed drapes are very modern yet have an elegance to them. The colors like red, magenta, yellow, blue and many more, will brighten up any room no matter the lighting. One can buy solid curtains online via Swayam’s webpage with ease. As specifications are provided in terms of the size, length, colors and washing instructions, no confusion is bound to arise.


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