Dohars- A Boon To The World From The Traditional Rajasthan

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Dohars have been used for decades now, and that’s a big thank you to Jaipur. As the origin of this blanket is the traditional and exquisite state of Rajasthan. This blanket is adored and used worldwide. Many tourists have gone on record and stated how much they love the Indian blanket.

The dohar blankets are made in a 3 layering of muslin cotton. The 1st and 3rd layer is block-printed by hand. And they are quiet warm when used. They are different from duvets which are European blankets used as insulators. And the Indian blankets which are either single layered or double layered at times.

The muslin cotton fabric when covered, stops the outside cold to enter and lets the body’s heat warm the dohar. This enables to have a shut eye in comfort. One can toss and turn as much as one’s wants, and still find the Indian traditional blanket more comfortable.

These are sold at incredibly high prices as they are hand-made. But Swayam offers a good deal on them all year around. These are made in many vivacious colors and prints. And are available in single and double sizes.

They are weaved in a 210 thread count and when felt, are supremely soft. One is guaranteed to take a quick nap as one buys it. The dohar blankets have a very warm and welcoming vibe. And the colors by Swayam are so attractive that one is guaranteed to buy cotton dohar online as one lays eyes on them.

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