Buy Now or Regret later: Swayam’s Jiffi-est Sale

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Swayam reaches out to all bargain-hunters to come and take advantage of the flash sale they intend to run with a strong stomach. To everyone’s astonishment, everything is marked down to the prices that are completely dumbfounded.

Didn’t you always wanted to lay your hands on the Celebration Collection or Ananda Collection but had to put your foot down due to the budget cuts at your place? Or didn’t you want to re-vamp the plain house curtains to the blackout ones? Or didn’t you want to buy another cot set for the baby’s room?

The answer to that is, now is the time as any! At these cut-throat prices, you may want to redecorate even the picture-perfect-beautiful home. The flat 20% sale will make anyone Go Bananas! And buy the whole lot. And mind-you, there are no hidden clauses here. You must consider this a loot and pounce all over it.

The closeout by Swayam shall be your preparations for the festivities coming your way, this year. Be it Diwali, Bhai-duj, Dusshera or down-the road Christmas; you shall be ready with the best home-furnishings. Be it a table cover in the vibrant blue or the printed lounge curtains or the kitchen linen set to please the home-maker of your humble abode. Everything is marked-down to the rock-bottom prices.

The Diwali season means, having those array of Card-parties with lavishness all around. From the cocktails spilled like water to those exquisite entrées served over the crystal platters. All those parties require a fresh décor than the previous season. We intend to bring that fresh perspective in the form of table covers, mats, coaster covers, curtains, and so on. Just put on finger on something and it’s yours!

The sale feels more like a give-away as the prices are slashed down up to 45 % flat. So, don’t think twice, as no excuses of budgets or inconvenience will work this time.

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