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Yoga having its routes deeply rooted in India has more yoga practices and followers than any other country. Yoga is considered a whole-body exercise and an ancient form of meditation. For centuries, yoga enthusiasts have practiced and upheld the name of yoga with the greatest of respect. To attain the maximum benefit from a yoga session, everyone needs a good yoga mat that supports them through time. A good supporting accessory to your favorite wellness program is of the essence. Hence, Swayam invites all Yoga enthusiasts to browse through the vibrant range of yoga mats.

Available by yoga mats online, Swayam’s variety of yoga mats are one of kind. Offered with these amazing features, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of them:

  • 100% Cotton: A known fact about cotton is that it’s a naturally-breathable fabric and doesn’t hold any foul smells in them. Owning a 100% cotton yoga mat will ensure a relaxing session.

  • Coming with a reversible feature, these yoga mats can be used both ways. This will give you what your money is worth. this ensures durability along with value for quality.

  • They come with a roll up feature with a string. So that they can be rolled-up and carried anywhere with ease.

  • Offered in a 72×30 inch standard size, these cotton yoga mats are light weight and are a hassle-free accessory.

  • These come in beautiful prints like checks, with motifs, in paisley in carefully designed in vibrant colors like rose, black and white, blues, greens, etc.

Proudly show-off these yoga mats by Swayam in your next yoga session to capture everyone’s eye. Make them jealous with your non-sticky, sweat-absorbent and frolicly designed yoga mats. These can be used by kids, women of any age or size or yoga-freaks.

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