How to Create Appealing Look in Bathroom with Shower Curtains

bathroom curtain online

Is your bathroom too small in size? Do you want to create a look that makes them more spacious? But feel clueless how you would achieve the look? Well, don’t feel disappointed, buy shower curtains online from the house of Swayam to give bathroom interiors a designer and spacious transformation.

Market v/s Brand


Unlike the plastics (vinyl) drapes that are sold by hosiery shops in the market, the interior brands like Swayam are quite done with this trend, instead they provide fabric drapes which more classy in appearance and functional in use.



Unlike vinyl which is plain and unattractive in looks, the fabric drapes present a designer look to the bath space. The use of adorable patterns and colours would hold sight of visitor with its fun and lively looks.

Ensuring Spacious Look


The fuller look of the drapes and ring eyelet attachment would help hide the weak point and create an illusion of spacious look to bathroom space. It would also help the user differentiate the space of shower from the rest of portion to maintain a clean and hygienic look to interiors.

Patterns & Colors


Floral are a must have as they ensure lively and refreshing look to the drapes. The seasons of pond, waterfall, marine life, jungle theme and spa scene would prepare the visitor to take a quick shower in its attractive and theme based designer linens.

The attractive colors in pink, blue and yellows give your space a perky appearance.

Functional in Use


The microfiber fabrics of the drapes don’t turn fade with time as they are made of non-porous material. The print would stay permanent and continue to attract interiors for a lifetime. The drapes would absorb excess water so the room stays dry and safe for people to move and stay non-slippery for longer duration. Bathroom curtains from Swayam are essential for you if you want to transform bathroom into spacious, designer and functional space.

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