Bring Home Designer Table Runners to Make Dinner Memorable

Table Linen
digital print table runners

Dining at least once in a week with the family members and managing time from busy schedule can further help one intensify their bonds and warmth to their relations.

Well this was the first step to make your dining experience enriching, the second one to turn the moment special by decorating the table in adorable set of dining table runners.

Easy on Pocket


Available at bare minimum prices even with at discount offer of flat 20 %, the linens are affordable to own for people belonging to all the section of the society.

Strength & Reliability


Made from reliable cotton fabrics that endow strength with its fine high thread count weaves; the linens are empowered to face any form of physical wear and tear or pilling.



Colorfast nature of the natural fibers ensures reliability to the linens. Colorfast features protect the prints against fading, The maintenance of linens are guaranteed even after washing them in machine or using roughly in daily use. The impressive look to the interiors is assured with sustainable digital prints of the runners.



Apart from strength and durability, the cotton fabrics ensure comfort. Comfort comes as prime when we need to create a memorable experience to a setup. The cotton with its antibacterial and waterproof features presents hygienic conditions for one to feast on. The soothing textures of the fabric deliver warmth, stress free and relaxed feel to the skin.



Their impressive patterns, choice of colors, size and shape altogether contribute to present a memorable and enriching dining experience to the family members.

The floral, motifs, geometric, and animal patterns ensure a vibrant and lively flair of the nature to the interiors of your dining room space. The rectangle and hexagon shape would present a spacious look to table, while twin size option presents an opportunity to create special look to table.

To create that cherishing dining table experience, you may buy digital printed table runners exclusively from Swayam.

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