Imbibe Ethnic Look in Traditional Printed Mulberry Curtains

natural eyelet curtains

Gradually, we all have come far away from our traditional and folk artistic culture that, few years ago, used to proudly dominate its presence on the décor of homes. With abrupt lifestyle changes, focus has sharply been drifted to style our homes in high-end modern and contemporary look.

Well with Swayam, those who still love to style their homes in ethnic theme décor have a golden chance to grab the pair of drapes they like from its attractive mulberry collection.

The patterns are designed using traditional methods like block printing and with use of rich thread work weaves. Patterns that see the light of the hour are paisley, diamond, marigold, and paisley in thread work. Prints are clear and look impressive in appearance as experienced craftsmen have put in years of practice to test and created a collection that is woven with precision and care. Colored in bright shades of red, yellow, blue and green on classy backdrops of lotus cream, beige, and sea green, they present a visually striking look to the drapes. The contrast combination of patterns and colors creates a surprising retreat and blends beautifully with all forms of theme décor.

As well the natural eyelet curtain can be used reversibly too. The double stitch and three layer lining of faux silk fabrics endure features of partial blackout and guard privacy of family from the eyes of onlookers. The shiny gloss and stylish look are reflected on both sides of the curtains which help light up interiors and exteriors of home with equal élan.

The readymade eyelet curtains are easy to install and slide. The matching loop attachments ensure graceful and voluminous fall to the linens. An opulent appearance and enchanting look is given to windows and doors. Give your living room a touch of royal flair in beautiful set of gorgeous and lavish linens.

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