Style Your Urban Theme Room Interiors in Contemporary Bed linens

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So once you have unanimously decided that you would embellish your newly furnished home in the most classy stylish and urban décor theme, dress your room in luxury bed sheets from Swayam. They present you with an exotic and diverse collection of linens which are printed in enticing contemporary pattern and color combinations.

Here are certain prints and patterns you can explore which would perfectly suit your urban themed décor.

Colorful checks – Intricate flow of check patterns in a multitude of colors in soft tones of white spaces at inter-connected points give a contrasting view that is visually striking to the eye. The symmetrical sequencing of patterns presents a classy, sophisticated and elegant flair to your personal space. A peaceful and calm vibe is best assured with the inclusion of blue and green color combination bed sheets, cushions, pillows and duvets.


Elegant waves – Layers of vertical wave patterns in vibrant shades would add a dose of life to your grey and cream interior walls. The smartly placed rectangle patterns in white create a sense of balance which presents an elegant and spacious look to your bedroom.


Text and graphic are innovative patterns that are counted as modern in appeal with their fun, frolic and lively look. Colorful graffiti insertions involving text and patterns splash on all quarters of the bed linen give a refreshing zeal to your bed. The contrast of text printed on a white background as well on colored hemline borders presents a beautiful visual treat to your room interiors.


Floral in soft shades of brown, whites and creams exude class and regal flair. Roses and blossom are the most preferred ones. Floral patterns in light color tones on white backgrounds run contrast to dark hemline borders. The mix and match theme cushion and pillows would immediately grab your attention as they are designed with pleasant themes and striking features.


Swayamindia is the only place where you will find the trendy collection of bed sheets from where you can buy cotton double bed sheets online. They are available in standard sizes which include king, queen and double bed dimension that will fulfill your every need and requirement.

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