Season’s Top Décor Trends You Must Look Out

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It’s always a delight to stay updated with the latest trends. It gives us a sense of enjoyment, pride and confidence. Just imagine how indulging it would be to be a part of fashion forward home decor. Keep a check on what’s going latest in home decoration and leave no reason to envy your peers. The top four trends for home decoration you must experiment this year are briefly discussed here-

  1. Blue- It has been declared that blue is the fashion color for the year in home decorations. This is why so many deep and vibrant shades of blue are flooding in the market for home furniture and accessories. Right from azure to royal indigo, there are many updates of blue to carry out theme in an all new refreshing way.
  2. Metallic- To bring out the essence of spring season, metallic trend has been revolutionized. Start with the primary metallic pastel- gold and then bring lots of bronze, silver and pewter. They all together punctuate the ambiance in a bold yet sophisticated manner. Perfect for the theme where drama and elegance both are desired together.
  3. Ethnic- The new and exotic pieces from ancient historic art can give the room a distinctively soothing feel. You can go back to a different era where paisley, baroque and arabesque designs were weaved to adorn interiors. They are waiting with the freshness of new shades and modern elements to give a little twist.
  4. Nature- It always feels good to be in the lap of nature. Greens, browns, creams and blues, these major shades of nature can give the home a natural fee. Else, feature the semi precious stone colors, wildlife thrill or capture the deep marine colorful picture. There is so much interesting in nature from varied seasons, weathers, and wide open sky to the underwater coral life.

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