How to Take Care of Your Diwan Linens

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Indian heritage is great. From our prints, designs, fabrics to furniture and couches, our reach is vast in every field. Most of the Indian homes have diwans in their living room. A diwan is an elegant interpretation of couch in simple language. They were a common sight in palaces and forts. They used to be considered a status symbol and exude royalty.

But just having a diwan set in your living is not enough. Due to their regular use, diwan sheets tend to get dirty. The dirt and dust molecules which are present in the air get settled on the surface of the linens. With each passing day they lead to generation of bacteria and germs. Therefore it is very important to take care of them. Here are some basic tips that will make sure you get super clean linens.

1. No matter how smooth or soft you would like your sheets to be. Always avoid using fabric softener. Using fabric softener can reduce the absorbency level and can cause fabrics to become uncomfortable. People who perspire heavily can feel a little uncomfortable while sitting on diwan. So avoid using fabric softeners.

2. To make sure that your diwan bed sheets do not lose color, always wash them with a mild detergent. Using a strong detergent may weaken the fibers and make your sheets lose their colors.

3. If you have light colored sheets, such a crime or white, avoid using bleaching agent. Using bleach can damage the natural fibers of your linens causing breakage and color loss. It may also make linens little rough.

4. Always dry them in natural air and fold them neatly once they dry completely.

Always buy linens of great quality as they are more durable and allergen free. You can also purchase diwan sets online at amazing prices. Keep your diwan sets in healthy and clean conditions and they will serve you for a longer time.

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