4 Colors that will Make Your Heart go Swoon over Your Space

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Windows in our rooms are not only meant to let the fresh air in, but also to give our space a decorative appeal. They can brighten up the room interiors with natural light as well as with the kind of curtains that you select to adorn them with. A curtain plays a very significant role when it comes to decorating and providing privacy to a room.

Most of the people treat them as an accessory but they can prove to be more beneficial if used properly. Their patterns and prints can give a spectacular appeal to the interiors. Their correct length can make a room look taller or shorter. You will be surprised, how much they influence the ambience of any room.

Bright colored veils are better options for summer as they reflect and transfer the natural sunlight and lend a room a breezy look. To save your precious time and efforts, we have come up with some great ideas and colors of the curtains that can enhance the look of your windows and your living spaces.

1. Bright Orange– The name itself evokes a cheerful feeling and an attractive image in our minds. Although the color itself is vibrant enough to brighten up the room, it provides a lot of natural sunlight. The refreshing color reflects positive and breezy energy in the room.

2. Cool Blue– Those who get sunlight in abundance, can opt blue for a trendy look. The cool blue spread a serene and calm look inside the room which adds a super chic element and provide the room a stylish appeal.

3. Chic Pink– If your interiors are drenched in monochromatic look, you can give a hint of some pop color with the shade Pink. Pink will not only give a feminine touch to your room interiors but will also break the monotony of the room.

4. Printed Pattern– If you are missing that lively ambience in your room, printed curtains can surely help you out. Pick curtains that have vibrant prints in bright hues to match up with your room interiors.

The above colors will surely give your room interiors an elegant appeal. Pick these cheerful colors that will give you and your family members a pleasant abode to stay. You can get amazing designs and patterns at discounted price from www.swayamindia.com ! Swayam offers flat 15% off on all home furnishing products and also gives extra 5% discount with the use of coupon code: SPRING .

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