4 Tips to Dress Up your Bed with Pillows

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If you have ever found yourself scratching your forehead when it comes to find a proper way of making a bed, then welcome to the club. We often get caught between what is trending and which style will go with our home décor. How many pillows are appropriate or how many is too much? Obviously the choices are completely depend on your personal taste but here are some fundamental principles which you can look upon.

  • All the components on bed serve a purpose– Yes, you heard it right. The important components like decorative pillow covers, duvets, and comforters can surely make your night a little more comfortable. Decorative pillows can give you an additional support, while they can also ensure to give a polished appeal to your bed. You can buy pillow covers online in splendid prints and patterns.

  • Biggest to smallest, back to front- This rule ensures that your selected fabric, design, colors and shape of the decorative pillows are highlighted completely. Thus place the biggest pillows in the back and the smallest one in the front. So that everything is visible and nothing is left behind.

  • Vary the shapes, sizes and textures of pillows- You can make your bed look wider by arranging the pillows differently. You can pick different shapes, sizes and textures of pillows to give your room a not-so-predictable look. You can check out pillow covers online in India in plethora of designs, prints and patterns that will leave you with many creative ideas to embellish your bed with.

  • Play With bright hues- Colors can definitely make any room appear brighter, lighter and more organized. You can transform a plain and simple white colored bedroom with strong punches of color. Pick vibrant hues and incorporate some artsy designs to infuse an artistic feel into your room interiors.

You can make your bed appear beautiful while keeping the above mentioned trips in mind when thinking about arranging pillows or selecting pillow covers. Those who like opulent spaces can try these tips.

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