Décor Disputes: Decoding The Right Length Of Your Curtains

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The other day when I went to a retail store to buy curtains for my freshly shifted apartment, I was disappointed by the reaction of the guy out there. Supposedly, he was there to help us in making better choices, but unfortunately he was not fully equipped with the knowledge. So when I asked him about the ideal length of a curtain I should get for my windows, he gave me i-don`t-know- looks. Well he appeared helpless, so I decided to do some research before handing out the money to these local stores.

So when I began to search, I asked myself, if there is any right length for curtains? I came to realize that it is totally up to us to resolve our length issues. The length of the curtains definitely defines the look and the feel for your room. The right length can make your room look taller while the incorrect length may look inappropriate and give your room a shady look.

If you like floor-to ceiling length of your curtains, then good choice! The best thing is that it will create an illusion of tall walls and high-ceiling. Your room will appear very polished and also a bit formal. If you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated look, this length will look absolutely gorgeous in your interiors.

Now if you are looking short curtains then they are also doing fairly well, WHEN THERE IS A WINDOW SILL. Many parents also choose shorter curtains for kid`s rooms as the floor length curtains may become home for dust and dirt at the bottom. The length of the curtain within kid`s reach might become their rope as well. The only thing with shorter curtain is that it may cut the visual height of your room in half.

Then there is this extreme length of the curtains, which is called the puddle length. This is typically a French look and is ideal for high ceilings. The fabric for this curtain should be a little heavy to create puddles at the bottom.

When it comes to your decorating your apartment, you are the best person to know what will fit in or what should be kicked out. I was lucky enough to work my way out after doing research. So pick you’re the length that will work best for you and your home.

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