Learn The Secret Of Arranging Cushions Perfectly

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I have a pretty obvious confession to make. I am a pillow lover and I am addicted to them. I can`t go shopping without going through the fluffy piles of pillows. A pillow or a cushion is the best way to make any occasion or get together more cozy and comfortable. You can use them anywhere and they will be like fail safe option when it comes to decorating your interiors.

But putting a great grouping of cushions together on a patio chair, mattress or a sofa sometimes can be a difficult story. These cushions are like pops of colors that helps you make a blank or plain sofa (consider it as your blank canvas) look attractive. Getting it right or even sort of presentable can sometimes be hard.

But this does not mean you need to get a degree first in interiors designing to arrange them stylishly. You can have the prettiest printed cushion cover collection at your home by just using little creative instinct of yours. Although there are many ways to arrange cushions or pillows on a couch, but the most classic and eye-appealing arrangements is the five cushion arrangement. Treat your couch or sofa like a blank canvas so if you sofa is in a neutral color, chances are that you can experiment more with it.

To get the bling back in your living room it is essential to dress your sofa or couch in a prim and proper way. Start with covering 2 large square pillows with a bright shade of cover in some chic print as it brings some fresh and cheerful look to your interiors. Now add two more pillows and drape them in neutral shade with some chic texture. It will blend well with rest of the home décor.

Now take one rectangle shaped pillow in envelope style and choose something in pastel and light shade. Or if you want it to be the statement piece of your living room you can choose a bold or neon shade that will highlight your living space. Voila! Your room is ready to take on even the most finicky guest, who is going to love your color combination in pillow arrangement.

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