Bed Runner Set

Bed Runner Set

Caramel Dust Bed Runner Set- 6403

Placing this set on the white bedding spreads the spark of allure and royalty in the bed room. It’s ..

₹1,599.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,599.00

Creamy Bella Runner Set- 6406

The features which are obtained through the amalgamation of pure cotton and premium polyester let yo..

₹1,599.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,599.00

Royal Ornament Bed Runner Set- 6402

Royalty becomes double with the various properties of this bed runner set included of 2 cushion cove..

₹1,599.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,599.00

Saffron Touch Bed Runner Set- 6405

Such a unique mixture of cotton and polyester comes as more than value for money with its most advan..

₹1,599.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,599.00

Super Paisley Charm Bed Runner Set- 6401

It comes with a pack of 2 cushion covers and runner itself. Along with fabric, this set is imprinted..

₹1,599.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,599.00

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Using Right Technology for Giving You More Comfort

Blending cotton with polyester births numerous beneficial properties which cotton and polyester cannot render you individually. The amalgamation of the properties of both the fabrics we use brings the unparalleled and user-friendly features to the buyers. We have combined both the fabrics in right composition in order to attain the desired fabric for obtaining expected results for the buyer.

Bed Runner Set: Feel Free to Lie Down On Bed with Your Shoes

We manufacture the bed runner sets which beautify not only the space but also bring comfort and ultimately give buyers the ‘value for money’ which is our brand’s philosophy. Now, you don’t have to worry about stains and dirty spots as you may recline on bed if you feel tired after hectic working schedule. As the properties of polyester would let you feel comfortable with its breathability and dries faster if there is sweat. It is color fade so it will not lose its vibrancy after many wash. It is also durable in nature because of tear-resistant feature and ultimately enables you to use it for long run.

Luxury Bed Runner: Transforming into Royal Bedrooms

When it comes to look, it is rich with various designs based on traditional elements such as motifs and paisley etc. It fills a different essence into your bedroom and transforms your bedroom into a 5-star hotel. It may also be used as draping on chair and sofa. We suggest you to use these vibrant and luxury bed runners with plain royal white bedding to form a royal look whether it is spread on single or double bed since we also manufacture double bed runner.

Get More Than You Spend

Along with elegance and comfort, it also brings value for money with its super properties with the integration of cotton and polyester. It is stronger in character and also affordable than cotton, and infused with many other properties such as it is wrinkle-free so you don’t need to iron usually; it is abrasion resistant, less prone to pilling and static, hypoallergenic to keep you away from germs by absorbency sweat of your feet. You may also have morning tea on bed runner since it may absorb if there is any trash of the tea falls on the runner.

Your Pets Would Love It

Now, you would be more comfortable while sleeping with your pets as you may let them lie down on bed runners where not only they may feel comfortable but also you would be able to protect your quilt and duvet covers from stains and spots.

In addition, the right ratio of both fabrics does not let it stick as it happens in case of polyester so it becomes one more reason relax on. We take care of every single aspect which may be a source of your comfort. You may own these bed runners online within such reasonable price only from Swayam India.