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Printed Curtains 

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No beauty is too small to be noticed, every collection of small pleasant things adds up to the beauty of our life. So, why not we start appreciating beauty from our homes? Our collection of printed curtains is fresh and alluring, made to greet you with a fresh start every day. With the intricate flower prints to the exotic animal prints, the geometrical illusions and the grazing leaves, our collection is sure to add to your home an urban touch. We make every little detail count, hurry and buy printed curtains from our online store Swayamindia.com.

Our printed curtains are yes 100% cotton and available with or without linings. Made to smoothly slide on curtain rods, it will be a smooth maintenance for you too as it is 100% color fast. Now is this not small pleasure in life that is so convenient? Adorn your house with our graceful assortment and you will see that your home windows and doors have never looked so appealing.

As you enliven your rooms with our pocket friendly, refreshingly designed printed curtain, get matching tie-ups for each curtain separately! Buff up and say yes to good living.

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